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Project Description

MSBuildEditor is Editor for MSBuild.
This tool extends the Xml editor of Visual Studio 2012,And it provides intellisense for MSBuild Tasks and Properties.


Automatically Show Completion List for MSBuild Task and Parameter.
Add the "MSBuild" tab in default completion list.(right of "All")
  • Version 2.2
    • Support for Visual Studio 2013
    • MSBuild Editor v2.2 works sufficiently well with Visual Studio 2013,2012.
  • Version 2.1
    • It shows intellisense for reserved properties and environment variables.
    • Completion list is displayed when you write "$(" in propery value.
  • Version 2.0
    • Compile inline code writtern in UsingTask.
    • This feature runs from context menu in UsingTask.
    • If Compile result is success, show messagebox.(message is "Compilation is complete")
    • If Compile result is Error, show Error List Window.

Conditions completion list is displayed
For MSBuild Task
Enter "<".
Enter "Ctrl" + "Whitespace" or "Whitespace" after "<".

For Property
Enter "Whitespace" at position of xml attribute

Completion source
following files

Not Supported
Task that are defined in an external file that is specified in the Import Task does not appear.


MSBuild Task


Compile inline code


1.intellisense for properties and items
2.intellisense for tasks,properties and items of external msbuild project file
3.visualize the relationship of Target

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